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Zoho the best crm software in India

Best CRM Software in India

Zoho is the first choice for small and midsize businesses for affordable, quality software solutions. Zoho offers more than 45 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that help businesses operate smoothly. Among those, Zoho’s own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is one of their flagship products. Zoho is, by far, the best CRM software in India, offering competitive features at reasonable rates.

Zoho’s CRM software comes with a long list of features and is brimming with integrations to help run any kind of business smoothly. The long list of features offered by Zoho equips a business with many capabilities like lead management, contact management, sales force automation, multiple ways to interact with customers, and different kinds of analytics options, all of which make Zoho the best CRM tool. Zoho CRM enables users to make spot-on forecasts, integrate territory management, and even features to encourage the team to work beyond their sales target. As a token of appreciation and motivation, the employees are rewarded with badges and trophies for an excellent performance. Approach authorized Zoho partners like ClouqQ to make Zoho CRM part of your business.

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Why is Zoho the best CRM software in India?

Let us have a look into why Zoho is the best CRM software.

Pricing Options

Zoho One is a single license that offers Zoho customers access to all applications available in Zoho’s portfolio for INR 3000/user/month—which is billed annually. Here, you can register any number of users. The users can enjoy the same integrations and features as if they are using any licensed version of Zoho CRM. These users get advanced Admin Panels, helping IT administrators with role provisioning and identity management.
Other than Zoho One, the users can opt for the free Zoho CRM edition, which allows 3 users to access the account.

The paid options for Zoho CRM comes in four versions:

  • Standard edition
  • Professional edition
  • Enterprise edition
  • Ultimate edition

The Standard edition costs INR 750/user/month and is billed annually. This is an entry-level plan which includes features like sales forecasting, customized dashboards, a document library, marketing campaigns, automated features like mass email, setting up calls for follow up, etc. Standard edition’s database size is limited to 100,000 records.
The Professional edition costs INR 1200/user/month and is billed annually.

This edition includes the following features:

  • email integration
  • inventory management
  • Google AdWords integration
  • social CRM
  • workflow automation
  • role-based security
  • unlimited size of database records etc.

This edition is the most feasible option for small-medium businesses craving workflow automation pieces that will streamline a lot of CRM tasks.
The Enterprise edition costs INR 2100/user/month and is billed annually. The features included in this edition are:

  • custom modules and functions
  • territory management
  • time-based actions
  • custom related lists
  • multiple currencies

Now, if you are looking for a more sophisticated edition of Zoho CRM, the Ultimate edition is the one you need. The Ultimate edition costs INR 2300/user/month and is billed annually.
Along with all the features of the Enterprise edition, you get to add on features like email sentiment analytics, advanced customization capabilities, etc. Integration of automated functionalities like email marketing, visitor tracking, online customer surveys, social media marketing, and analytics all make Zoho CRM the best CRM software in India.
Having learned about the different pricing and features involved, which edition you choose depends on your business requirements. After all, the beauty of Zoho CRM lies in its affordability and customizability.

A Customizable CRM Tool

Zoho’s CRM tool becomes even more intriguing with its versatility and range. This CRM software offers a plethora of functionality, ensuring you get a good return for the investment you made. Zoho is versatile because it is customizable and can be tailored to suit any kind of businesses’ needs.
Zoho CRM is equipped to generate reports and visualizations. Charts and graphs allow you to find new opportunities. You can visualize any kind of business scenario using line, bar, pie, funnel, donut, and/or area charts.
Users can generate and easily add reports to folders of their choice. You can retrieve accidentally deleted reports from recently deleted folders. Zoho CRM includes third-party integrations like Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), MailChimp, Constant Contact, Evernote, ClickDesk, Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, Adobe Sign, Citrix GoToMeeting, Eventbrite, SignEasy, and Zendesk Support. Zoho CRM can also be integrated with Zoho Webinar and Zoho Social.
It is obvious how Zoho’s CRM tools have become the go-to product for small businesses because of the available pricing models and customization options. A business cannot go wrong when choosing Zoho. Also, Zoho CRM continues to evolve with growing business requirements and strives to offer the best user experience, making it the best CRM software in India.

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