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What are the Latest ZOHO CRM Updates?

Zoho CRM updates every month with new and exciting features. It is very important to keep the application updated to offer a smooth and seamless user experience. Here are some of the most recent Zoho updates:

New Placement For Custom Button

Zoho CRM systems use customization to build flexibility. The Zoho CRM allows you to customize fields, pages, modules, links, pages etc. You can also customize new button actions with an advanced feature called Custom Buttons.

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Zoho CRM offers standard buttons used to execute predefined actions. Here are some types of buttons:

  • Convert – Helps to convert Lead to Contact, Account, Potential, etc.
  • Clone – Helps to clone any record.

Custom buttons are one of the latest Zoho CRM updates that allow the administrator to connect the CRM to third party applications, modules, etc.

Wizards Now Support Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons can be used to fetch data from the CRM module, a third party application, or other Zoho apps.

What is a Wizard?

Wizard is used to dividing the long-form into screens. The users use these screens to enter data in a stepwise mode. The stepwise data entry process reduces errors and loss of data. Wizards are helpful with:

  • For systematic completion of form entry.
  • Multiple procedures to complete a business process.
  • Saving a form as a draft before submitting it.

Customization of Deal Stage History

All paid editions offer customization of columns in Stage History. Module customization permission allows users to add, remove, and reorder columns in Stage History.

Filtering and Categorization of Zia Notifications

Zia Notifications can be categorized to bring clearer distinction as follows:

  • Workflow Rules
  • Anomaly Component

The filter allows the users to easily spot notifications from different mediums like prediction, competitor alert, conversation, AI, etc.

Tags Added to Leads Can Be Carried Over During Conversion

We use many tags along with the leads containing vital data or remarks. Now, the Zoho CRM updates allow the users to carry over the tags related to accounts when converted using Workflow.

Widgets supported in Blueprint

Now users can use widgets to perform custom actions like find an address location on a map, date blocking on a calendar, etc. in the blueprints. The widgets are mainly used during transition settings.

Automatic Transitions in Blueprint

Users can prevent discontinuity and delays of processes using the automatic transition to prevent delays and discontinuity of a process. The automatic transition ensures that the records are moved to a designated state after a specific wait time is over.

Visually Identify Deal Status

This Zoho CRM update allows users to visually identify the status of a deal denoted by a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Thumbs up show a deal won, and thumbs down show a deal lost.

Deal Category and Mapping with Forecast Category

Forecast type renamed to deal category in stage probability mapping. This is used to identify the present state of the deal. The deal category has been mapped to the appropriate forecast category automatically.

Zoho CRM keeps coming up with the latest updates every month to offer the best experience for its customers.

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Lekshmi Devi

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