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What Popular Zoho Add-ons Should be Integrated Into Zoho CRM?

What are Zoho add-ons?

A Zoho CRM add-on is third-party integration that comes with extra functionality inside the CRM application. Third-party applications come at a cost and can be added as per client requirements. The add-ons help users boost productivity, rake in sales, and maximize results.

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Here are some of the most popular Zoho add-ons that are tried, tested, and loved by users:

WhatsApp Web

You can initiate WhatsApp chats with potential leads and customers right from Zoho CRM using this add-on. You give customers the option to engage from where they are most comfortable.


You can set bidirectional messaging with your customers with a personal touch. The add-on helps you to attract customers; engage potential leads; and eventually, retain them for business opportunities.


Mailchimp helps you get information on how your subscribers are responding to your email marketing campaigns. This add-on is a great integration for helping you up your email marketing game.

LinkedIn Finder

Find contact information and leads from LinkedIn easily using this add-on from Zoho CRM by running a simple search. LinkedIn is a great source of business opportunities that can be used to your benefit. If you would like to know more about LinkedIn and some of the lesser-known features, check out the Ultimate Guide on our blog here.


This add-on helps your sales team keep track of customer purchasing behaviors right from your Zoho CRM by simplifying the process of adding Shopify customers as contacts in Zoho CRM. This helps you gain insights on what kind of products and services customers prefer and set campaigns accordingly.

Google Drive

Google Drive helps you easily collaborate with customers and leads on documents. You can easily sync, share, access, and manage files with Zoho CRM records if you integrate the Google Drive add-on.

Facebook Adverts Manager

This add-on helps you manage data from your Facebook ad campaigns directly from Zoho CRM. Facebook campaigns are a great way to reach potential leads easily.

ClickSend SMS

SMS campaigns help you drive customer acquisition and retention. The ClickSend SMS add-on helps your sales team engage with customers and prospects through SMS campaigns or personalized one-on-one messages.


Dropbox avoids the need for back-and-forth email conversations, which are very tedious and mundane. Dropbox allows your team to create, share, and edit documents on the cloud, which makes them accessible from anywhere and by anyone who has the authorization to access them.


Getting physical signatures on important documents is time-consuming. DocuSign solves this issue by offering an option to get signatures by giving users secure access to sign documents. This can be done from anywhere and at any time.

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